Honestly men and women are both flawed,
Everyone knows that so why does sexuality matter?
To reproduce? Most guys don’t even wanna be the father,
Even now this world isn’t ready for us,
Regardless of how much the media says it’s okay,
Only the LGBT Community is affected by homophobia,
Put that aside for just a second,
How would straight people feel if the roles were reversed?
Only gays were accepted and the straights were shunned,
Big words like fag or homo would be compliments,
If only that were true then a new term would exist,
All you have to do is read the first letter of each line as bold persists

What if…

Hello to my fallen angels! How is your weekend going? For a couple days now, I began to wonder what if certain things in my life were changed. Like in an alternative universe where I’m straight, my dad stayed in the picture instead of my mom, or if I was born in the 70s. How you ever read those comic books where they ask the same question? Like in Spider-Man: what if Spider-Man married the Black Cat? Or in X-Men: what if Wolverine was a woman? The whole idea of alternate time streams is so fascinating! For instance, if I was straight, my mother would still be in my life because there would be nothing she can’t accept. I would still probably live with her and therefore not have became independent as soon as I did in reality. I wouldn’t have meet my ex but instead would probably have been though the same motions with a girl. I would be a father by now because I enjoy sex. (Who doesn’t?) I would have never been a part of True Colors or even care to understand the fight for LGBT Rights. I would have been quite popular in grade school because there would have been no rumors about me being gay. My mother would be a miserable old hag in any given alternative universe so if she remained in my life, I would be miserable too because misery loves company. Nothing much would change when it came to my dad because he loves me regardless of my sexual orientation. My brother might be afraid that I would steal his wife away from him and therefore I might not have the close bond with him that I do now. Because my mom would accept my heterosexuality, I wouldn’t have been kicked out of her house and would have never met my current friends. God has a way of making something bad happen so that something worse wouldn’t take its place. So try this yourself. Imagine that one crucial part of you is different or nonexistent. See where and how far that timeline would meander off reality’s course of action. Have a wonderful day, my lovely fallen angels! Over and out.