Which Heaven’s Angel are you?

Which Heaven’s Angel (from The Pandemonium Chronicles) are you? Answer this single yet complex question and I will tell you who you resemble.

The world and its inhabitants lay in ruin. Demons have taken charge of our planet’s remains. What do you do?

A. Take pride in forming a human resistance deep under the Earth’s surface until your team is strong enough to retaliate

B. Release your rage on the demon king and hope for the best

C. Cower in fear within the shadows to scavenge for necessities required to survive post-apocalyptic

D. Join the ranks of the demon army to gain experience and respect amongst your fellow demon soldiers

E. Fall madly in love with the demon king for you are attracted to power and glory

F. Run away from the chaos with your soul mate to live in a distant planet in peace, inevitably giving up saving the human race

G. Become the demon king’s court jester so you can put your comedic prowess to good use

H. Accept death for you’d rather die for what you believe in rather than giving in to evil

Demon Apocalypse (A 55 Fiction)

The world was left in disarray. There was nothing anyone could’ve done to save our planet. Even the nation’s armies couldn’t join forces to oppose the demon frigates.

It comes to show how little we differ from Hell-Dwellers. No two nations got along to work together.

We’re doomed now.

But the underground Human Resistance remains…

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