Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Do Your Chores!

Phew! Today was my church’s annual clean up. We did the lawn work and the memorial garden. I signed up to volunteer for it weeks in advance. Originally I signed up because I’m the newest member of the church and I wanted to give a great first impression. I was kinda dreading today but once I began working on the field, it was such an amazing experience. My church family are so welcoming and sincere. It made today a pleasant day after all. We took breaks and talked about the history of the church and the people whose ashes are spread within the memorial garden. It’s funny because I turned down an offer to go to Lake Compounce this morning. To be honest, I didn’t feel like dealing with people in my age group today. Sometimes I need a break from them. They can be very annoying. I’m the youngest member of my church and I always get along better with older people anyway. It’s always been that way. I preferred befriending my teachers in grade school. My ex fiance was literally twice my age! I would rather be around older folks. There’s advantages and disadvantages to age. Romantically it’s mostly a bad idea. The older someone is, the more baggage they have. I learned that the hard way… Anyway, age also predetermines the maturity ballpark, so to speak. The older someone is, the more mature they might be. I say might because there are people much older than me who are nowhere near my level. Back to the church clean up, I’m currently finished and eating a dunkin donuts new chip’s ahoy donut and coffee. Life is great when you do hardwork and get praise for it. I never was praised as a kid or even rewarded. That’s probably why my childhood was so screwed up. Oh wells! It’s never too late to redeem yourself. Have a wonderful day, my hard-working fallen angels! Over and out.