Don’t Judge a book by its cover


Hello, my fallen angels. This is a photo of The Arcangel from earlier today. It’s definitely me. You spot the Pride tattoo on my chest, don’t you? I guess you can say it’s my trademark. I am wearing an eye patch because I suffer with Diplopia or double vision and yet I can still write as well as do anything else normal. I am living proof that ambition conquers any disability. The only time disability defeats integrity is when you let it using the evil power of negativity-infected excuses. Have a wonderful day. Over and out. #thepandemoniumchronicles #Sufian #Xlibris #diplopia #ambition #integrity

Unfortunate mediocre movie potential

Hello, my fallen angels! I have attached my copy of a movie proposal. Even though it makes a book-to-movie ideal less than promising, I’m still glad I managed to give it a try. At least my book will always be on a waiting list in hollywood production. I just have to strengthen my approach to my writing career. Oh wells, I’m going to have plenty of opportunities to prove my worth to the world. Have a wonderful day! #thepandemoniumchronicles #Sufian #Xlibris #wordpress

Loneliness kills

I don’t know if anyone else can relate. You see, ever since high school graduation several years ago, life is lonelier. The high school friends you thought you established strong connections with suddenly disappear in the blink of an eye. Your parents throw you out the house as soon as you turn 18 as if 18 is the magic age in which you automatically develop a sense of independence overnight. You have to tolerate crazy roommates and annoying landlords. Eventually, if you are lucky, you are still motivated enough to go to college and make an attempt to construct a new circle of friends. No one understands you and college is not like high school where negative attention is better than no attention at all. Most college students just go to their classes and go straight home. No cliques. No family. No friends. Nothing. You have to built your life up from scratch again because your childhood didn’t prepare you for the real world. Can anyone relate to me at all?

To The Fallen:

Hello, my fallen angels! I am Sufian, author of The Pandemonium Chronicles. I created this post to further spread the word about my newly developed writing career. I have my official facebook page, but now I want to try blogging to reach a wider audience. This blog is brand new but I will manage improvements to my blog a little each day. Please be patient. Have a wonderful day!