Anthology II

You are not a kid anymore. You have grown into an amazing young man. With strength and integrity and a fierce sense of right and wrong. You have a family who will take you back no matter what, and they’re all in your life right now. Any mistake you make, any crazy thing you might do, they will love you unconditionally. That’s how you know what your family is. They love beyond reason.

Anthology I

My ex-fiance taught me how to love,
Even if it was unrequited,
His rebound taught me how to break a heart,
Even if I regret it,
My ex-boyfriend taught me not to be so trusting,
Even if he wasn’t sleazy,
His rebound taught me the easy is never good,
Even if the good is never easy

Your actions affect the ones you love. I don’t know if you’re completely oblivious to this affect or if you simply don’t care. All I do know is that I had just gotten you back in my life, and now you’re taken from me again. The next chapter of this grand anthology…

Flames to Douse

Celestial involvement

Cataclysmic proportions

Glorified suicide

Divine interventions


Born to a chapel

Born in a white house

Fed a poisoned apple

And left with flames to douse


Lie with a whisper

Lie with the lights out

Allied with the winter

And friends with the drought


Ready to suffer

Ready to hope

It’s a shot in the dark

And the end of my rope


Regret is an elephant in the room

It’s eating all my food

Leaving none for you

What is there to do?


For I, alone, am the answer

I, alone, will make wrongs right

But in order to root out the cancer

It has to be kept from the sunlight

Rooted to the Ground

Blades of grass tear through my throat,

Down to my lungs,

I am nothing if not rooted to the ground,

I shake my tree to bear fruit to a barren wasteland,

I fool my body to fertilize the garden,

For every seed I sow,

I make this world more beautiful,

If only for a moment,

There’s a special kind of sadness that seems to come with Spring,

At least that’s what I whisper to myself at night