Major Arcana: DEATH

“Her breasts shrouded by her lustrous hair
Her lower lips hid behind cannabis 
Growing weary of a man too conformist for pleasure
Whispers defying the law of the land
Slithering… Ssssss…
Meandering… Mmmmm…
Temptation like drums banging in her head
Too ostentatious to ignore
Pluck the fruit from the forbidden chasm
And The Earth will feel wounded and nature will sigh a disappointed sigh, 
for with this act, 
humankind will fall. 
Her first thought will be to find him,
and to have him share her just desserts
so that they might be equal in life 
As they were in DEATH.”

Major Arcana: The Sun

“Dreamt of a doorway
I’m open to everything
And I’m reaching towards it
Drifting out of my skin

Drawing the blinds
Windows inside my head
Eyes reflect the Sun like an endless Summer

Life is at a standstill here 
The need to document time
is not required
When the waves crash the shore of a spatial mind”

Major Arcana: The Moon

“I am an artist

I am a performer

I am an actor

I am a writer

I am a singer

I am a dancer

I am a comedian

I am an acrobat

Does a song not soothe the mind like an aspirin tablet eases the physical pain?

Is laughter not truly the best medicine in a world that relies only on the superficial?

Can a dance with a lover not shake the devil off your back at least for a little while?

Sociology dictates that I don’t need to express myself if it’s money that runs the world

And I earn my money selling products to rude customers who cannot begin to fathom the compassion it takes to get to know me outside of my uniform

I may not be a literal starving artist but what does that say about my soul?”

Major Arcana: The Star

“Although the engagement ended,

what seemed like a long time ago,

I hope to God that he’s well-fed,




and living his life to the fullest.

And although our love is no longer reciprocal,

and I don’t know if it ever was,

all I do know is that regardless,

I wish him the best upon a shooting star,

even if I’m no longer standing by his side to see it.

And if a star can flash through my sky once

Perhaps it can happen again.”

Major Arcana: The Tower

“You picked the wrong side

Thrown your cape and cowl into something intimate

Landed atop a maelstrom of righteous vengeance

A place where you definitely don’t belong

Toppled down like the fall of Rome

I’m spread too far and wide to control

The conquest is over for my handsome augustus

But he sure ain’t you.”

Major Arcana: The Devil

“Best part of my job is the quiet

The sounds of silence

Splendid isolation

No one to answer to

Rosary engulfed in the flames

Iron sphere wrapped around the ankles

The ethereal key in clear view

Tethered to a paradise lost

When there’s nothing else to burn

You have to set yourself on fire”

Major Arcana: Temperance

“No one is the villain of their own story,

The idea being that people are so utterly self-righteous,

And so impatient for their own needs to be met,

That we refuse to take responsibility for our own evil doings

In regards to the sand pouring down to do gravity’s bidding,

Am I the villain of this story?

Or is it the 1% who failed so miserably at keeping us safe within the community?

Or is it the Audience watching from behind the Golden Gates to see what horrible thing might happen next?”

Major Arcana: The Hanged Man

“You live in a bleak dream

Where soldiers are shooting stars

You live in a meek dream

Where inmates drink their sorrow in bars

You live in a loud dream

Where the bottom of a triangle sounds like a bass

You live in a proud dream

Where being stationary quickens the pace

You open your eyes

To the subtle truth

That dreams aren’t lies

They’re just uncouth”