The Hookup Daze

On my house phone I called him

he picked up immediately and said hello

and I went with the flow

I came over the same day

to a variety of pornos neatly organized on his table

next to a punch bowl full of condoms

and lube packets

and the TV was playing one of the pornos at a very low volume in the background

and I did what I came there to do.

On my flip phone I texted him hello

he replied within the hour

and I came over to his array of pornos thrown haphazardly on his table

a handful of condoms and a few lube packets

and the porno on the TV was a bit louder this time

as if he didn’t care what the neighbors thought of him anymore

and we did what I came there to do.

On my iPhone I texted him hey

and he didn’t respond until later that evening

and I came over and there was only one porno on the table

a couple of condoms

and no more Lube

and the TV was blaring with the porno without a care in the world

and I did what I went there to do.

On my iPhone 5 I texted him hi

and he didn’t respond until the following Monday

and he told me he moved a few towns over

and I almost got lost on my way there

I came over

there was no pornos on the table

no more condoms nor lube

and the TV wasn’t on

it was in the middle of the night

and I try to leave but he begged me to stay

and so I did until 5 in the morning

I missed my shift at work and I got fired.

On my iPhone 6 I sent him a nude photo of me

but he didn’t respond for a whole week

and when he did he told me he had a boyfriend

and for me to back off

I looked at the indent on my right ring finger where my wedding ring used to be

And drove to my new job.

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