History repeats itself (revised)

Good afternoon to my loving fallen angels! I have been going hardcore with the poetry lately, huh? Lol Anyway don’t you find it funny how life is a play and we’re constantly changing roles? When I was a kid, my dad walked out on us. Not uncommon in this day and age. So my mother raised me to hate him. Her and my sisters constantly talked shit about him, never turning the page. Heartbreak on repeat. I grew up hating him until I finally agreed to stay the Summer with my father when I started middle school. I realized my dad was a good person. One of the most pure-hearted people I’ve ever known. He told me he simply stopped loving her. My mom treated him poorly when they were together and her family/ his in-laws never welcomed him into the family. He wanted to visit me and my brother but he had too much anxiety. Too many people in my family were against him. So that was that. Since that Summer, I spent as much time with him as possible. I loved him. More than my mother, I realized later on. I respected him. My ex fiance stopped loving me. Yeah I retaliated and hit him below the belt (metaphorically. I would never ruin his precious cargo. Lmao!) but at the end of the day, there’s nothing I can do to make him want me like when he first met me. Now I find myself breaking a lot of guys’ hearts. To be honest, I have no remorse. I’m not heartless, I’m just human. I have so much love to give but apparently I haven’t met the right guy to give it too. It’s okay. We all change roles in our lives. The third spiritual law states that I have no control over anyone but myself and that I must accept that. And I do. But I still miss my ex everyday. If I never learned to control my emotions, I would probably have went down a very dark path. I am okay. You will too. The roles we all play in life are temporary if you just turn the page. Have a wonderful day, my fallen angels! Over and out. (I had to take a huge chunk of this post out because I thought the original post would help my ex-sister-in-law but I guess not. I tried. It’s not my responsibility.)


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